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Fountain 3D Graffiti

Underwater mural literally under the water at @ongcofficial head office. #teamarthat

As an industry leader, ONGC aim to set high standards in ethical business practices, consistent with sustainable economic, environmental, and social development. This commitment has shaped their policies and management systems to ensure safe waste management, conservation of bio-diversity, and overall minimization and mitigation of environmental impact.

ONGC's commitment to the preservation of Earth’s natural treasures is reflected in the mural at their headquarters in Mumbai. The commercial capital of the nation shares a historic as well as poetic relationship with the sea as the city of dreams. Cultures from across the nation and beyond, come together into a rich vibrant potpourri. The seas host a wealth of flora and fauna, whose conservation is up to us. The mural is an homage to the world’s marine life and ONGC's pledge to always look after it.

The image was designed to interact with the water curtain. The various elements were chosen and painted by hand, deliberately to create a beautiful illusion of movement and life. The harmonious amalgamation of the art with the environment it was created in, reflects ONGC's symbiotic relationship with nature, and their constant endeavor to preserve her rich heritage for future generations.


3D Graffiti






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